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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  February 26, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the day after. thousands are cleaning up after the wind. the latest on the impact and the power outages. plus newly released video surveillance of a major escalator malfunction shows for the first time what really happened. the countdown to oscar tonight. we have the latest from los angeles. they will walk the red carpet on sunday night. we will meet him coming up on abc 7 news. live and in h.d., this is
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abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. it was a busy day for many as they had to clean up what mother nature left behind. wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour caused damage yesterday. we're live in virginia with the latest on the hardest-hit areas. >> the neighbors panicked here in springfield when a giant tree came crashing down yesterday. fortunately, no one was hurt inside the home. the homeowner says it could have been worse. half of the tree fell in the backyard. half of it fell on the carport. the main house has no structural damage, it appears. the owner rents out the house. when he got the call, he grabbed a chain saw having no idea how bad the damage was. >> i was shocked. >> the homeowner cannot believe his eyes. >> i am a contractor by trade.
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this has got to be a $70,000 repair bill. >> the neighbors say the wind picked up in the afternoon. >> it was gusting incredibly. you could feel it in your car and in the house. it had a whistle to it. >> when the tree toppled, they rushed next door thinking the worst. >> it was loud. >> in northeast washington, a powerful when the dust blew the roof of the apartment complex. out of the skyred like snow. >> it was like a baby tornado. >> several families are displaced until at least tuesday. the red cross is providing shelter. >> it was bad history. i am glad no one was hurt. >> it was a crazy day. >> many residents are spending the weekend cleaning up their yards. a few are still without power.
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many cannot help but worry about the next storm. >> i am concerned. it is a heavily wooded area. >> v-dot and other agencies have spent the last 24 hours removing debris. insurance agents are keeping busy going to homes like this. ruth and debtor repairmen are making a fortune. -- the roof and gutter repairmen are making a fortune. the wind caused more than 60,000 people to lose power. those numbers are down today. more than 1100 customers are without lights. pepco has fewer than 50. dominion power has about 160 customers still in the dark. to steve in the
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weather center. >> the wind has diminished now. it is more out of the south and about 12 miles per hour. it is holding aroundt. it is about 8 miles per hour at reagan national. 45 degrees in frederick. here are the weather headlines. mostly cloudy overnight. getting ready for a mild and pleasant sunday. temperatures will soar into the 70's. with the warm temperatures, we will see the chance for severe thunderstorms. we will talk about the forecast in more detail in a few minutes. it is a race against time. health authorities are scrambling to prevent a mass of measles outbreak. they're trying to track down anyone who came in contact with the young woman who travelled through several airports on
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tuesday. the measles are highly contagious. the centers for disease control are trying to track down anyone who may have been exposed. >> health authorities consider this a health urgency. it is not an emergency. they will do everything they can to track down everyone to see if they are protected. >> besides dulles, she also flew through denver and albuquerque. we are seeing video of the escalator malfunction that left five people injured in october. the incident happened at the metro station after the rally to restore sanity on the national mall. a brake failure called the excellent -- caused the escalator to malfunction. the threat of a potential
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government shutdown continues to loom. republicans and democrats are working through the weekend during the recess to make sure that does not happen. if they do not make a deal, some major institutions will be forced to close. we're live on capitol hill with more on the story. richard? >> this is a shutdown at no one wants. it would have a wide-ranging impact on thousands of government jobs, service, and tourism. with a possible government shut down looming just days away, visitors to the capital want congress to tone down the rhetoric and get to work. >> we can avoid the trauma. -- we can avoid all of the drama. it is like a soap opera. >> about 1 million people would face furloughs. >> it is messing with their paychecks. >> federal agencies would stay
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open. tourist attractions like national parks, museums, and the national mall would close. >> you have people coming from all over the world. >> president obama is urging negotiations to continue on the stopgap funding measure that includes $4 billion in cuts. >> we cannot allow. look to prevail. >> owner norton has proposed a bill to keep the district and its budget operating even if the feds closed shop. >> the district is not treated well. >> maria sheets helps cooler heads will prevail. >> stop fighting. it is our side. it is our country. >> the $4 billion in cuts will keep the government running for another team of weeks. we're hearing more that the
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shutdown will not happen. the first debate with the gop comes on tuesday. live from capitol hill, richard reeve. we turn to the oscars. the 83rd annual academy awards ceremony will get underway in just over 24 hours. people behind the scenes are working hard for tomorrow's big show. how are you? >> we are out here on hollywood boulevard near the walk of the stars. we are on the walk of the stars. >> tourists are coming in from all over the world to be a part of the oscar excitement. >> we have a local connection to the oscars this year. a two-time oscar winner lives and works among us in washington. he is out here for the big ceremony.
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russell williams traded a successful production career in hollywood to return to d.c. and teach american university. we've met him today. i met him outside the combat theater -- kodak theater. 20 years ago, he made history as a two-time oscar winner. it was for best sound in "laurie" and "dances with wolves." he moved to hollywood in the 1970's after a successful career in washington tv, including a stint right here on channel 7. >> i was out there nine years and then i got a little film called "field of dreams." that was the first really good film i worked on. the script, a cast, director. it happened fast right after
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that. >> it is double oscars changed his life and pave the way for his ultimate return to d.c. he now teaches the production and film business at american university. >> when i was a sound person, very few people wanted to hear what i had to say. as prof., they generally want to hear what i have to say. >> to honor the 20-year anniversary of his second victory, he and his wife will walk the red carpet, enjoy prime seats, and parting with the stars after the awards. you major mark. >> i think so. helping others at american and other places for that matter. >> we may seem russell on the red carpet to iran night where we will be live. >> i understand he is the first african-american to win two oscars. >> densel won a couple, but
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russell was the first. you are looking very glamorous. >> that is very kind of view. you are as well. i do not know if you notice the abc 7 logo behind us. we're causing quite a stir. i did want to let you know that with all of the excitement, you may think the celebrities naturally look fabulous. it turns out that is not the case. they have a glam squad to make them look spectacular. they put in weeks of work. we talked to them to find out their secrets. we have more on that at 11:00. back to you. >> if only we could have that today. it would be such a different story. we're definitely looking forward to that at 11:00. we will talk to you again at
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11:00. stay with us all we can for exclusive oscar coverage. they will be with us later tonight and on the red carpet for the early newscast on sunday and after the oscars are over. still ahead, the rising cost of gasoline. prices at the pump have risen sharply. we will tell you the average in our region. the u.s. holds an urgent meeting today on how to handle the crisis in libya. muammar gaddafi fights to stay in control. we have the latest. in control. we have the latest.
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turning to the crisis in libya and the latest efforts to stop the violence. president obama called on lamar gaddafi to step down saying he has lost legitimacy to rule.
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the u.n. security council met in an emergency session to discuss libya. british military planes carried out a bold rescue. the safely evacuated more than 150 british citizens. the libyan crisis is causing gas prices to surge. aaa says regular unleaded has jumped more than 17 cents a gallon this week. the national average price is now $3.33 a gallon. in our area, gas is averaging $3.41 a gallon. virginia has the cheapest gas at $3.22. still ahead, the latest on the discovery shuttle.
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the space shuttle discovery is docked at the international space station. it is on its 39th and last mission in space. the six-member crew will spend a week at the space station. they will unload supplies and leave behind the first humanoid robots in space named r2. it has been a pleasant day today. a big difference. the wind gusts yesterday were 40 or 50 miles per hour. today is not bad. we will see cloudier skies to the north and west to the south. overall, a dry evening ahead. 47 at the airport. it feels like 43. the high was 49. the average is 50. 74 is the record high. upper d.c. and wind gusts around
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40 miles per hour. alexandria is looking at the current temperature of 45 with the wind around two miles per hour. the wind is out of the south and about 5 miles per hour. it is not as cold as yesterday. fredericksburg is 51 degrees. it is drive across the area. -- it is dry across the area. you have to head to the north and west for wintry weather across michigan into northern ohio. all of this will remain away from the mid-atlantic. 28 in detroit. seven degrees in minneapolis. look at the warmth building off to the west of us. charleston is 18 degrees. the clouds will stick around. there will be a chance of
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showers late tomorrow evening. the big story will come on monday. mild air with temperatures well into the 70's. the cold front will arrive in bring a chance for severe thunderstorms. mostly cloudy tonight at 32 to 38 degrees. late afternoon showers will develop tomorrow. it will be in the mid-50s to middle sixties. it will not last long. we will be back to reality on tuesday and wednesday around the 50-degree mark. that is where we should be for this time of year. >> i am looking forward to march because of the sports. the local basketball team is getting ready for tournament time. the classic between georgetown and syracuse.
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the toyota sports desk. >> a short-handed georgetown team had another classic battle today against syracuse. thompson rallies his squad. it goes to austin freeman. the story of the day is turnover. georgetown was down 10 at the half. they came back with an 18-4 run in the second half. he scored 16 on the day. freeman for the three. he gathers the rebound and puts it back.
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syracuse will not be denied. here he comes again with the clock winding down. he goes way downtown. georgetown would never recover. hoya shot 36% from the field. >> we missed some easy ones. when you are playing against them, you cannot miss those. nate missed a couple of layups. we got what we wanted with the ball. you have to give them credit for that. >> number24 temple is also in town. washington was in the game with the lead. allen takes the lead early in the second half. the owls take over.
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juan senate to why it for the three. that is good. the colonials shot 18% in the second half. they lost to temple, 57-41. that 41 is a season low for the crew. we have some news for you out of indianapolis. the redskins are there. he is talking about the big guy. trent williams was in the draft last year. that killed one hole. they had the 10th pick in the draft this year. >> this is part of the process right now. this is another step for me. i get a chance to spend more time with interviews. i have been studying a lot of
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film on free agents. when you come here, you start with college players in the first few rounds. a enjoy getting a chance to spend time with them for 1520 minutes. again a chance to know them better. >> the draft is in april. the wizards are hoping to bounce back from losses. they are in action tonight. the
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we have clouds overnight. it will remain dry. temperatures will fall into the 30's. tomorrow will be nice to around 60 degrees. we will be in the mid to upper 70's on monday.
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thunderstorms afternoon into evening. some may become severe. cooler and drier on tuesday and wednesday. thank you for joining us tonight. we will see you back to hear it 11:00. we will see you back to hear it 11:00.


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